Dementia Friendly Lexington Action Team

Candy Pettry, RN - UK Eldercare Navigator

David Nisbet - Former Caregiver

Gary Stewart, Ph.D. - Psychologist

Hardin Stevens, MA - Community Program Coordinator

Laura Dake - Community Outreach Manager

Mary Crowley-Schmidt - Aging Consortium

Sarah Rowe - Community Relations Manager

Stephanie Freeman - Memory Care Program Coordinator

Virginia Bell, MSW - Social Worker, Author

April Stauffer, MS - Community Outreach Coordinator

Susan Neville - Owner

Katie Finnell - Attorney

Micki Hilgen - Caregiver

Jennifer Gripshover - Executive Director

Kristy Stambaugh, CTRS, MRC, CRC - Director

Carla Guthrie - Family Support Specialist

Carolyn "Coop" McCown - Medicaid Paralegal

Margaret McCoskey

Jamie Gitzsinger

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