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Lexington has the following programs to assist residents with aging in place. These programs are designed to keep residents safe in their homes and neighborhoods:

If a person is unable to get their city trash receptacles to the curb due to age or disability, this allows waste management to move the containers to the street. Individuals who have a medical issue that prevents them from rolling the cart to the curb and have no one to assist them may be eligible for a medical exemption. The physical
disability must be documented by a physician on a Waste
Management exemption form.

     Waste Management              Exemption

The Division of Code
Enforcement deals with properties and property owners and make sure that minimum maintenance and repair standards for all structures in the community are met. They ensure that residential and commercial structures are maintained to the minimum.

   Housing/Nuisance: LexCall 311 can be called in order to report concerns about unsafe housing or nuisances in the community. Code Enforcement then takes action to resolve the issues. Some examples include: tree branches hanging low over sidewalks, unsightly and functionless vehicles left in yards, or overgrown and unruly grass and weeds.

Code Enforcement Report 

The Remodeling for Access and Mobility Program (RAMP) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization incorporated in 1992 established from the Community Service Committee of the Lexington-Bluegrass Association of Realtors (LBAR). By fostering a community commitment, RCHF’s goal is to empower families and strengthen neighborhoods by assisting homeowners in need to be able to stay in their homes. RAMP makes homes more accessible with the installation of ramps and/or other adaptions for low-income persons with disabilities and/or mobility impairments.


Available for people living alone or with special needs, this program is a collaboration with the USPS and the LFCUG Division of Aging and Disability Services, which watches for an unusual accumulation of mail triggering a wellness call. If the call goes unanswered, an established emergency contact will be notified and if necessary 911 will be called.

         Carrier Alert 

The Lexington Fire Department Community Services Division, in partnership with the American Red Cross, will install 10 year lithium battery smoke alarms in all homes in Fayette County. The smoke alarms will be installed by the Lexington Fire Department at no cost to the occupant. As part of the installation, the Lexington Fire Department will also conduct a fire safety inspection. To schedule a smoke alarm installation, call 859-231-5662.

      Fire/Emergency             Department Smoke Alarm: The Lexington Fire          Department 

(PVA) available to homeowners who fall in two categories: those who will be 65 years of age or over any time during the current calendar year, or those who have a disability. Applicants must own, live in and maintain the home as their primary residence. For 2018, the homestead exemption is $37,600. This amount is deducted from the fair cash value assessment of a qualified applicant’s residence.

  Homestead Exemption 

A 2014 Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment was approved for ramps providing handicap access for mobility purposes shall be permitted to extend into any required yard without the need for a variance to the extent necessary to further the goals of the ADA.


Home Reimagined strives to conceptualize, create, enable and sustain a broad spectrum of
housing and living arrangements that maximize the potential for older adults in the Bluegrass to age in places that are accessible, affordable,physically and socially supportive, and nurture a sense of community and home. This includes promoting the creation and adoption of innovative homes, educating the public about these options and the most recent research about older adults and


    Reimagining Home