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Bluegrass Green source offers a wide range of resources and education to schools, community groups, businesses, local governments and citizens throughout central Kentucky by empowering the Bluegrass to create a sustainable environment.

Bluegrass Green            Source 

Lextran is committed to serving persons with disabilities by providing services that make public  transportation both easy and affordable for persons with disabilities. The Lextran bus fleet is 100% lift/ramp equipped able to accommodate up to 800 pounds meaning that all of the buses are friendly to passengers who use wheelchairs or mobility devices.

     Bus Stops 

A project in the works to create a green space in downtown Lexington. Fully funded by city & partners connecting Town Branch Park through downtown Lexington to the Legacy Trail.

 Town Branch Trail

The Town Branch Commons will be a strip of Bluegrass running through downtown Lexington. This winding park and trail system will roughly follow the path of
Town Branch, Lexington’s first water source, which is located in a culvert under modern-day Vine Street. The system will include continuous bike and walking paths, a lush green band through downtown, connect new and existing parks, and improve
water quality.  It will link our city's two major trails, Town Branch Trail and the Legacy Trail, giving us 22 miles of uninterrupted trail, connecting downtown to our world famous rural landscape.

    Town Branch               Commons 

In partnership with VisitLex and Downtown Lexington Corporation this pedestrian scale informational and directional signage program was implemented downtown which aims to enhance pedestrian circulation and sense of place, increase comfort of visitors and residents, and orient users to
attractions, destination retail, entertainment, and food and drink establishments. The overall aiming to improve people’s
understanding, experiences, and enjoyment of downtown

     Pedestrian                Wayfinding 

The LFUCG Division of Engineering, Design and
Construction Section oversees roadway, sidewalk and trail projects that are initiated by the Urban County Government. Selection of sidewalk connectivity and improvement projects are made through identification and ranking methods that receive input from several city departments, and from the Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The goal is to connect missing sections of sidewalk based on the greatest need. Per Federal guidelines, ramps must be retro-fitted after major repairs take place like resurfacing. The paving budget for such retro-fits in Lexington is $12 million.

     Curb Cuts

Sit, Chat & Grow, funded by 2017 AARP Community Challenge Grant,  at Idle Hour Park and the Lexington Senior Center are located in the 22 acre Idle Hour Park which includes an .8 of a mile paved walking trail, a barrier free playground, two accessible picnic shelters, accessible public restrooms and numerous ball fields.

  Lexington Senior             Center 

is a shared-use greenway trail that connects downtown Lexington with area neighborhoods, parks and historic sites as it follows a northward course to the Kentucky Horse Park. The trail stretches 12 miles from the North Side YMCA to the Kentucky Horse Park campgrounds. Eight of the 12 miles are located off of roadways, and the entire length is paved. There is interpretative signage along the way and an additional trailhead at Coldstream Park.

  The Legacy Trail

All Walk/Don’t Walk timing of the countdown pedestrian signals is based on federal regulations and recommendations. The actual Walk indication can be as short as 4 seconds (very rare) but the Flashing Don’t Walk timing is based on the amount of time it takes someone walking at 3.5 feet per
second to traverse from one ramp to the opposite ramp. In the downtown core and a few other locations, we provide pedestrians with a two second head-start before the corresponding, vehicular indication turns green. This is meant to provide better visibility and less exposure time for the pedestrian crossing the street.

Timing of Crosswalks

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