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Carrier Alert

This program is a collaboration with the United States Postal Service and Lexington Aging and Disability Services. Everyone who lives alone needs a little help from time to time.

How Carrier Alert Works:

Register for the program. Your Letter Carrier will put a Carrier Alert sticker in your mailbox. Your Letter Carrier will then watch for unusual accumulation of mail. NOTE: you must notify the Postal Service if you will be away (Hold mail request etc.) The Letter Carrier will notify a Postal Service supervisor who will then notify the Lexington Division of Aging and Disability Services. They will attempt to contact you by phone to see if you’re okay. If you cannot be reached, the representative will call the emergency contacts on your registration form. As a last resort, the Division of Aging and Disability Services will notify 9-1-1, and a public safety representative will be dispatched to your home to check on your health and well-being.

How to register:

Simply complete the application to the right and put it in the mail (no postage necessary).

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