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LexCall 311

Centralized information center, where residents can call and be easily connected with the appropriate City Hall office or an electronically generated service request can be made. This greatly simplifies the process of accessing local government. A brochure with all of the relevant information provided by LexCall 311 is also available in Spanish. Below are some services that LexCall 311 can assist residents with at any time.

Dead Animal Pick Up: Division of Waste Management will pick up any small, dead animal such as dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, etc. The carcass should be placed in a garbage bag and left by a curbside, and then reported to LexCall 311. Graffiti: LexCall 311 staff will direct any requests to remove graffiti to the appropriate agency, depending upon the location of the graffiti. The Office of the Fayette County Sherriff will remove any graffiti that is located on city (but not public) property. Street Location: In an individual is lost or in need of directions, he or she can simply call LexCall 311 for street location information. LexCall 311 staff will help guide them by providing them with the easiest route and by giving them specific verbal instruction to their destination. Potholes: LexCall 311 staff will alert the Division of Streets and Roads if a pothole is reported. Every effort is made to re-pair the pothole within 48 hours of it being reported.

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