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Orientation and Mobility Workshops - March 26th

Would you like to learn skills that help you navigate in new or familiar environments??

Would you like to learn skills that empower you to be more independent and also help you communicate your needs to others who wish to help you navigate?

Join us for the next clinic date, Saturday, March 26th on the UK campus. No prior experience is necessary and canes will be provided for instruction. Additional canes may be available for distribution for participants in need.

The structure of the workshops will include some group instruction and assessments, along with individual training on white cane and human guide techniques. These are open to anyone interested in learning the techniques for navigating with a vision impairment or assisting a person with a vision impairment. All ages are welcome.

Workshops will begin at 9 AM and time slots will continue through the day until 4 PM. The Lexington O&M Clinic will be held on the University of Kentucky Campus at 251 Scott St, Lexington, KY 40508

If you are interested, please call or email Theresa Thomas at 859-217-2270 or

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