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Reimagining Home

Our Vision & Mission Statement:


The Vision of Reimagining Home: A Community of Options is to conceptualize, create, enable and sustain a broad spectrum of housing and living arrangements that maximize the potential for older adults in the Bluegrass to age in places that are accessible, affordable, physically and socially supportive, and nurture a sense of community and home. 

Mission Statement:

To realize this vision, Reimaging Home: A Community of Options will strive to:

  1. Promote the creation and adoption of innovative housing and living alternatives for older adults at every stage of their aging;

  2. Educate the general public, policy makers, developers and older adults themselves about the ever-expanding array of living alternatives;

  3. Stimulate innovative thinking and conversation about housing and living alternatives for older adults;

  4. Help translate conceptual options into concrete reality by supporting and sharing the most up-to-date information about the relationship between older adults and their environments.

Reimagining Home:


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