Lexington has the following programs to assist                         residents with Transportation

  Residential Handicapped            Parking Spaces

If a neighborhood has mostly on street parking, individuals may request that a permanent handicapped parking space be designated (marked by a sign) near the individual's home. The space will generally be provided in front of the  residence or as close to it as possible. It is still a public parking space for anyone to use as long as they possess a handicapped parking placard. An application can be obtained from the Division of Traffic Engineering. 


     Streets and Roads

The Division of Streets and Roads maintains all city and country roads, except those on the state and federal highway system. They are in charge pf pothole repair, snow removal, street sweeping, intersection curb repair, side walk handicap ramp installation, routine and emergency servicing of storm sewer drains and the maintenance of various bridges and certain creeks within the Urban Area. 

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LexTran's ADA paratransit unit is run by the Bluegrass Area Chapter of the American Red Cross, and is known as "Wheels." It is a door-to-door public transportation system for the people with disabilities in the Lexington-Fayette County area. This service meets the needs of individuals who cannot use a LexTran fixed route by providing economical and accessible transportation. One-way rides can cost from $1.60 to $2.00 depending on the proximity of the destination to an operating LexTran fixed route. 


          ITN Bluegrass 

An "arm-through-arm and door-through-door" transportation service for seniors who are over the age of 60, as well as any individual who has a visual impairment. This service is available 24/7, and fares are $1.60 per mile, as well as a $3.50pick-up fee. Service requires an application, a $50.00 yearly membership fee, and set up of a pre-paid account. A Road Scholarship is available for low-income riders.  


DOT Proposed Rule Change

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released for public comment a proposed rule to improve access to motor vehicles, including rental cars, for people with disabilities. The rule proposes changes to NHTSA’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard to facilitate the use of adaptive equipment in rental cars and to simplify vehicle transport of wheelchairs and scooters. 


Federal law generally prohibits making a vehicle’s safety features inoperable. One proposed change would permit rental car companies to temporarily disable a driver’s air bag to install hand controls. In an accident, the deployment of the knee bolster air bag can result in the hand controls hitting and injuring the driver. A second proposed change would allow installation of rear-mounted transporters for wheelchairs and scooters. These transporters may obstruct the view of a vehicle’s backup camera.  


Public comments are due January 27, 2021. For further information, visit DOT’s website or contact Gunyoung Lee of NHTSA Office of Crash Avoidance Standards at (202) 366-6005, Daniel Koblenz of NHTSA Office of Chief Counsel at (202) 366-5329, or David Jasinski at (202) 366-5552.

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              Lex Tran 

The transit authority for the area of Lexington and Fayette county. Many handicapped accessible busses serve this expansive area with various routes. there is a reduced cost of $15 for a monthly pass to ride the bus, offered to persons who are disabled or those over the age of 62. 

Lextran will begin collecting fare from passengers on Sunday, January 31, 2021. Pass sales begin on January 21, 2021 at the Transit Center and online. 30-Day Passes can also be purchased at local Lexington Kroger stores. Organizations who purchase bulk passes can do so by emailing their order to or calling the Lextran finance department at 859-255-7756. The order will be taken, and staff will prepare all items for you with a scheduled pick up time at our Loudon Office. Staff will bring all items outside to you and get required signatures. The Loudon Administrative Office remains closed to the public.

American Red Cross Wheels Paratransit Service will begin fare collection on January 31. Specific questions for Wheels should be directed to 859-233-3433.

All passengers are required to wear a mask on board buses and at Lextran facilities. We ask that no one ride if they are sick and limit travel to essential trips only. Front door boarding will begin on Sunday, January 24th.

   Accessible Parking (AKA         Handicapped Parking)

Fines: Recently the city raised its Handicapped Parking fine to $250, up from just $15.

Access Aisle: A new ordinance was put into effect that requires clearer signage at Van Access Accessible Aisles.