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What is a Village?

Villages are nonprofit, grassroots, membership organizations that are redefining aging within individual communities by providing a key resource to community members wishing to age in place.  Villages furnish a social support network for  members. They provide needed services or referrals to vetted or screened services (including technology support, assistance with home and garden maintenance, running errands to the pharmacy and grocery store), support neighbor helping neighbor community engagement activities, and deliver other important resources crucial to aging interdependently.  Each Village is unique, reflecting the community it serves.

How do Villages benefit the community?

Villages form key partnerships, provide services, and become an important resource in strengthening local communities.  They provide a community based model that delivers a coordinated and comprehensive approach to engaging and meeting the needs of members. The members of each Village constitute a valuable resource engaging in projects to improve their community through volunteering, advocating and creating local solutions to community issues.

Generally, the mission of Villages are to promote aging in place, improve member health, and enhance wellbeing and quality of life. A major focus is on empowering and increasing the confidence of members.

Villages across the country provide a wide array of different services and programs.  Which of these might be of interest to you and to others in your community?

  • Housekeeping

  • Yard Work

  • Meal sharing

  • “Cup of Sugar” borrowing

  • Companionship

  • Neighbor helping neighbor initiatives (including checking in on each other)

  • Referrals to existing community services

  • List of vetted local providers, sometimes at reduced rate

  • Coordination of needed services to work with vendor for a joint purchases/reduced rate (Minor tree trimming may cost too much for one job but if 3-4 other households need the same services)

  • Community events

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